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Question: Where can I buy an ultralight or LSA?


It may not seem like it right now, but they are easy to find!

Think of it like a treasure hunt.  Around you are likely several turf-runway airports, and there are likely many ultralights squirrled away in those hangars.  By visiting each of them (best time is usually a Saturday morning) and chatting with the people there, you will start to learn of many people that own and fly ultralight vehicles.  Many of those airports will have EAA or USUA clubs, and getting involved with them is a very quick way of learning what you need to know about finding and buying an ultralight.

You can also place a flyer on the FBO bulletin board, or put ads in the local clubs' newsletter.  But another really good way of learning about the wide variety of UL, as well as LSA aircraft, is the Barnstormers web site. Visiting Bannstormers.com once a week or even daily will be an education in itself.

Don't expect to find the UL you want locally.  It happens, but it's more likely the one you want is in another county or state.  It may be, unfortunately, across the country, too.  That's happened to me twice.  Three of the five planes I've owned I was lucky enough to find locally, but two of them required a long-distance trip.

Once you narrow down the aircraft you want, you could join an Internet email list focused on that brand.  Once on the list, lurk for a while and see who is who.  Every list has the loud-mouth, the know-it-all, and usually there are 2 or 3 who really know what's going on, and those are the ones to befriend.  Often, someone selling just what you want will post it there, first, before Barnstormers or eBay.

But the more important question is, "How do I know the UL/LSA I'm buying is worth the money and is safe, and in good condition?"


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