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Question: Where can I rent an ultralight or LSA?


Chances are slim and none that you'll ever be able to rent a legal ultralight.  Maybe someone does it, but I've never heard of them!

For someone to want to rent you an ultralight, they'd have to have it insured, and getting the right kind of insurance on a UL is difficult, if not impossible.  As odd as this sounds, you'll probably have better luck befriending a UL owner/pilot and eventually convincing him/her to let you borrow it.

Renting an LSA is much more likely, and probably similar to a Private Pilot renting a Cessna or Piper.  You'll have to show your license, your log book and take an orientation flight with someone, and all that will cost you up front.  If they are satisfied that you're trustworthy and capable, then you'll have to own up the $75-$150 per hour (wet).  That's just a guess, but most SP training schools already charge that.

For a while, the FBOs and schools that will have LSA rentals will be few and far between.  Five years from now, it will be much more common.  But, I would use the same links shown in FAQ #1 to contact instructors to find out if they or their school rents LSAs.

Another option is a club.  There may not be any (or very few) clubs oriented to just LSAs, but certainly there are flying clubs with J3 Cubs and other smaller GA aircraft which fall inside the LSA envelope, and would be legal for you to fly.  Club membership and fees are often much less expensive than what you'd find at an FBO, and there's the side benefit of fellowship with like-minded enthusiasts!


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