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ANNOUNCEMENT! I am currently revising this web-site
to bring it more up-to-date with current web site standards.
This site uses an old technology which is not supported with
many modern browsers, but particularly with tablets and
smartphones. So I have decided to revise the site so that you
will be able to view it easily with a tablet or smartphone, as
well as with any web browser. As you might imagine, converting
all the stories and photos is an involved process so it will
take me a while. In the meantime, you can continue reading
stories here using a web browser on a PC and it will probably
work. If you want to look at the new site -- with the full
understanding it's a work in progress and many of the pictures
are not yet there -- then you are welcome to check in with this
link: https://www.texas-flyer.com/newblog

This site is a clearinghouse of images I've
taken -- and stories I've written -- about
my adventures flying my ultralight and
LSA around the great state of Texas.

If you want to contact me, email me at:

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If you're interested in aviation, you should join the local EAA or USUA chapter. You don't need to be a pilot or own an aircraft to participate. I'm a member of the local EAA chapter, Chapter 347... check out
their web site

This cartoon exemplifies the kind of
flying I do... and the trouble I can get into!


For more information about ultralight flying...

United States Ultralight Association

Experimental Aircraft Association

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NOTE: If you desire to use any of the photographs found in this web site, I grant limited, one-time rights to use them given the following: proper attribution is provided (e.g., "Photo by Robert Laird"), the image will not be changed in any way, and that you email me directly with your name, email, where/how the image is to be used, and the publication/web site/etc. it will be used in. Though I do not require it, I would consider it a nice gesture if you would also provide a link back to Texas-Flyer.com.

 Articles/Stories - Year 2008
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2008 Robert Laird
A Short Flight With Jimmy Young
 Articles/Stories - Year 2007
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2007 Robert Laird
More Local Flying
 Articles/Stories - Year 2006
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2006 Robert Laird
Ferrying A Challenger
Waller Flying  
Articles/Stories - Year 2005
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2005 Robert Laird
The Aventura's Last Trip
Articles/Stories - Year 2004
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2004 Robert Laird
John's CH701 Journey
[story and photos by John Crosley]
Ricks Crash
Articles/Stories - Year 2003
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2003 Robert Laird
The Sandbar Landing
Minnesota to Houston -- Ferrying the Buccaneer
Mustang Beach
Scout Flyover
Articles/Stories - Year 2002
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2003 Robert Laird
My Cross-Country Trip to Seguin
My Brothers New Plane
A trip down Matagorda way; but a foggy start
The MS 150 Bike Ride, Houston to Austin
Pierce Airfield, Matagorda
SportFlyer Fly-In, Engine Out
Bolivar Ferry and Lighthouse
Calhoun County (Port Lavaca) Airport
Bolivar Peninsula and Chambers County Airport
 [8-17 - 8-19-2002]
Ferrying My New Plane
Circumnavigating Houston
Wharton for 4   
Articles/Stories - Year 2001
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2003 Robert Laird
A Typical Weekend, Flying my Quicksilver
My Rossi Trike
Articles/Stories - Year 2000
All articles and photographs are Copyright 2000-2006 Robert Laird

My Ultralight Training

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